Travel Approval!

Our Travel Approval (TA) was issued today! This is the very last approval we need in order to travel to China and adopt our sweet little girl!

We need to wait another 24-48 hours to book plane tickets, as we wait for confirmation of our Consulate Appointment. Our Consulate Appointment is when we appear in person to take an oath at the US Consulate in Guangzhou, and they then issue our daughter an immigrant visa to enter the United States. When the US Consulate is able to schedule that appointment, in large part, determines our travel dates.

We’re required to submit our top five choices in order of preference. Please pray with us that we get one of our top two choices (12/20 or 12/21), so that we can travel when we’d like and have a 12/12 Family Day and be home before Christmas! Our agency believes chances are high that we will be able to get one of those dates, as we’re requesting them so far in advance, but there are never any guarantees. If we have to move on to our 3rd or 4th choices, we’d likely be gone over Christmas, which would be manageable but pretty sad – so, if you are a praying person, please pray that we get one of those top two choices!

Also, as I shared in my last adoption update, we are still a bit short of where we’d like to be in terms of our funds for our adoption costs. There’s an organization from which we applied for a grant that is meeting Wednesday evening to make a decision about grant awards, and we would so appreciate your prayers for favor with them and that they would have funds to offer a grant to us!

For those of you friends and family who have offered us your encouragement and support on this journey, we so appreciate it! Thank you! We are almost there!

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