What Romance Looks Like For Us These Days…

On this day, 14 years ago, Matt and I began dating. While we celebrate the anniversary of our wedding with more intensity, we have always acknowledged this day and enjoyed celebrating it, as well. Generally that has meant a nice dinner out and some sweet reminiscing.

However, when your finances are still recovering from adoption travel expenses and you’ve only been home from China for a couple months with your little one, you adjust 🙂 This is what romance looks like when you’re poor and don’t feel comfortable leaving your baby in anyone else’s care yet!


Fine china, home-made risotto, grapes, wine, flowers, and a dinner for two + two.

And Matt wrote a sweet post here that includes some past sketches of me that he’s done…a bit of reminiscing after all 🙂

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4 thoughts on “What Romance Looks Like For Us These Days…

  1. THAT looks like a beautiful evening on how your life has grown together. Not about the acorn, but the branches with leaves.

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