why I love the internet

Through the Internet, I’ve been able to connect with several other moms adopting children from the same orphanage where our little girl has spent much of her life. I’m hoping that, as our children desire it, we can maintain those relationships, making a provision for our kids to have as many ties to their past as we can help them find. One amazing blessing that has come out of those relationships has been that several of these women have traveled to get their children within the last month and have actually been able to see our little Madeleine CaiQun!

One delivered a photo album containing a few pictures of our family, snapped a few photos of our girl, and said a quick prayer for her.

01 with photo album

Amazingly, she also found out that her daughter and mine had been crib-mates, and her daughter sees ours as a sister. What a blessing to have that connection!

Another mother, in China this week, was able to snap a few pictures of our girl, as well.

DSCN0981 DSCN0984

I am ever so thankful. I am so ready to get my girl and bring her home.

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  1. What a lovely girl! She looks exactly like my little daughter! Best wishes to your trip to China. I am a Chinese mom, living in the University Village on Providence Road. I heard about CaiQun’s story from Jaylyn. Probably my daughter Dian dian could be one of CaiQun’s friends in future.

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