As I review this pile of documents for our adoption dossier, making sure each is in line with our agency’s guidelines, in preparation for having them notarized and then state certified and sending them off to be authenticated, I find myself yearning to have my little one in my arms as part of our family. I wonder where she is and what she is doing. I wonder who she is. And I’d like to have the answers to those questions and be on my way to get her. And I have to trust that God knows what He’s doing, that He knows who our next child will be and how all of this timing will work out, and He’s in control of all of it. I’d still like to be moving forward, though. We have less than 2 months left until I turn 30 and we can begin to be considered as a family for children listed as special focus and hopefully not much longer than that until our dossier is logged in in China, and we can be considered as a family for any child, and I hope we’ll be matched and know who our next baby will be soon after that…and move along quickly through the process and be on our way to get her before too long!

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